Another two videos of Jan Vibe’s graphics online

The Count from Sesame Street would absolutely love this!

Following on from parts one and two, and subsequently parts three and four, it was a fairly logical conclusion that if and when Richard Ashbery uploaded any more videos of Jan Vibe’s graphics programs, the next would be part five, and the next again part six.

And that is exactly what he’s done.

Way back in the days when we all raced the local newsagent on a monthly basis to collect our copies of Acorn User – or to the front door on the day it was delivered for those who had subscriptions – a particular highlight in the magazine were the graphics programs written by Danish programmer Jan Vibe. These were regularly featured as type-in listings, or ready-to-run programs on the cover discs when they became the norm, and were always a delight to behold.

The programs were written on (and for) the Acorn computers of the time, though, and Richard Ashbery – known for his ArtWorks2 graphics – has been taking a look at many of Jan’s programs, and updating them to run on the Raspberry Pi at a 1920×1080 resolution, much higher than that of the screen modes they were originally designed for.

The next step in this process for Richard has been to record the output of the computer running a series of these programs, and upload the results to his YouTube channel – and with that in mind, here are parts five and six:

Jan Vibe’s graphics running on a Pi – part 5


Jan Vibe’s graphics running on a Pi – part 6


Richard says that one of his favourites is a program Jan aptly called “Weirdo” – this is included in part 6; it’s the third one from the end, and kicks off at two minutes fifty four seconds in.

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