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News nybble: Kquiz has been updated – true or false?

If you said ‘true’ you’d be right! Kevin Wells has released a new version of his Kquiz application, which makes use of Wget to draw a series of quiz questions from the Open Trivia Database. Those questions are then presented to the user in a RISC OS window, with the application keeping a count of […]


News nybble: NetSurf gains support for CSS Media Queries in version 3.9

A new version of NetSurf has been released into the wild, and as well as some general bug fixes and improvements, including to its JavaScript handling, this version also benefits from support for CSS Media Queries (level 4). The term “CSS Media Queries” might seem a little meaningless to anyone who simply uses the browser […]

User groups

News nybble: Bristol meeting – 10th July

The Bristol RISC OS Users group will be meeting up at around 7:30pm on Wednesday, 10th July. The meeting is free to attend and amounts to a group of like-minded people in the Bristol area meeting up in a pub for a drink and a chat about anything RISC OS, and sometimes beyond. The pub […]


News nybble: Southwest Show 2020 date revealed

After the success of the 2019 RISC OS Southwest Show in its new Bristol venue, the Arnos Manor Hotel, the organisers have now booked up for next year’s event. The date for RISC OS show goers to mark in their diaries is Saturday, 22nd February – and perhaps some of those who don’t usually come […]

User groups

News nybble: Southampton meeting – 9th July

If you’re a RISC OS user and you’re within shouting distance of Southampton on 9th July, then why not consider meeting up with other like-minded people that evening? That’s the date the Southampton RISC OS User Group (SROUG) will next meet up in the Sports Centre of Itchen College, Deacon Road, Southampton. The car park […]


News nybble: Currency now peeks into very recent history

Kevin Wells has released a new version of Currency, an application that uses Wget to interrogate the Free Currency Converter API in order to examine exchange rates. Version 1.09 of the software sees it updated to use version 7 of the API, which adds the benefit of being able to look at the exchange rates […]