RISCOS.fr BBC BASIC contest winners announced

Everyone can win with BASIC, that’s the truth (yes, the truth).

RISCOS FRDavid Feugey, who runs French-language website RISCOS.fr, has announced the names of the two winners of the second BBC BASIC programming contest being run via the site.

The first winner is Don McDonald, from New Zealand, who wins for “a complete life of algorithms” – not to be confused with a series of articles called “the secret life of algorithms” by Nicholas Cutler, which was published in volumes 22 and 23 of Archive magazine. Now published as public domain – one of the entry requirements for David’s competition – Don’s software consists of some 268 files and more than 2MB of code.

Don wins a copy of BBC BASIC for Windows, along with a set of documentation on CD-ROM from Drag ‘n Drop.

The second place winner is Adriano Cimenti, from France. According to David, Adriano “was known as a star of BBC BASIC” and has provided RISCOS.fr with his old BASIC programs, updated so that they can be used on systems utilising full HD resolution, along with new titles to boot.

Adriano wins a copy of BBC BASIC for Windows.

As yet, the code submitted for the competition is not referenced on the RISCOS.fr website. David explained that a complete revamp of the site is on the cards for 2016, which will also bring more interoperability with the Windows, Linux and 8-bit worlds.

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