RISC OS FR: Ready for the surprise?

Announcement from David Feugey, 14th April, 2016.

We are silent, but active: we refreshed almost all our web pages, switched to HTTPS, updated the list of RISC OS computers, posted our 1000th message on the RISC OS FR mailing list and received the prize of “Best foreign language resource” for the second time (thanks!).

And we’ll make a big announcement Saturday morning.
Try to guess what, and you’ll perhaps win a Pi 🙂

See you soon on RISC OS FR.

Let’s switch to French…

RISC OS FR : Prêt pour la surprise ?

Nous sommes silencieux, mais actifs : nous avons rafraichi presque l’ensemble de nos pages web, basculé en HTTPS, mis à jour notre liste d’ordinateurs RISC OS, posté notre 1000e message sur la liste RISC OS FR et reçu pour la seconde année consécutive le prix de “la meilleure ressource étrangère” (merci !).

Et nous allons faire une grosse annonce samedi matin.
Essayez de deviner quoi, et vous gagnerez peut-être un Pi 🙂

À bientôt sur RISC OS FR.


David posted this announcement on the RISC OS Open forum, which is where people are making guesses – some a little tongue in cheek – at what his pending announcement could be. Meanwhile, on the RISC OS FR website, the words “Ready for the surprise?” are immediately followed by a photograph of a slice of pie. Make of that what you will.

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