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MIDI-evening music in Wakefield – 3rd July

The population’s Wakefield Club has got to rockwrok, rockwrok, rockwrok… The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) meets once again tomorrow evening, and this month Peter Richmond will be talking about creating and playing MIDI music on computers – so get ready to, er, “rock” (wrocc?) the Club’s regular venue:


AMCOG’s Stunt Drivers now available

AMCOG Games launched a new title at the London Show two weeks ago, and it is now available to purchase via !Store, priced at just ¬£9.99. A top-down racing game, Stunt Drivers pits you as a driver in a three-lap race against a number of computer controlled cars around a track on which there are […]


News nybble: AMCS MIDI/audio sequencer updated

A new version is now available of the Advanced Music Creation System from 3rd Event – a MIDI/audio sequencer that doesn’t just run on RISC OS, but replaces it to become the operating system on the computer. This latest version is to be used on 3rd Event’s Inverted Light Source radio show on fnoob techno […]


DigitalCD and TimPlayer updates

Music to my ears. Back in April, Andr√© Timmermans announced new versions of DigitalCD and TimPlayer on the RISC OS Open forum. DigitalCD is a desktop music player for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 on, providing control panels for any CD drives connected to the computer, and any internet radio and music file […]