Grab the Soft Rock Software Collection at a bargain price at the Wakefield Show

Soft Rock Software will be at the Wakefield Show on Saturday with the usual range of goodies – the RiscPiC cases (now available in both the original -mini and the long-awaited -standard forms) and the Soft Rock Software Collection on both CD and USB flash drive.

The latter contains a number of pieces of software, ranging from a number of budget games from through to desktop applications like WebChange – only some of which is currently available to download from the Soft Rock Software website(s).

With the Collection’s RRP set at £15.00 including VAT, Soft Rock Software has been selling the first edition exclusively at shows for just £10.00 as a launch price – but on Saturday it can be yours for an even nicer £5.00!

So what do you get for your money?

  • Two desktop applications – WebChange and Seek’n’Link
  • Command line tools WaitUntil and TimeToHex
  • Text adventure games (interactive fiction) Quicksand, The Sacred Pyramid, and The Purple Crystal
  • Platform and maze games including Escape from Exeria and Drop Rock
  • And much more.

Many of the games come in a number of versions, either originally developed for, or modified to work on different platforms. Escape from Exeria in particular includes a version modified to work on modern 1920×1080 displays with new graphics, adapted as a test bed for new level designs – of which it contains plenty to challenge your ability to think fast and plan your escape!

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