DigitalCD and TimPlayer updates

Music to my ears.

Back in April, André Timmermans announced new versions of DigitalCD and TimPlayer on the RISC OS Open forum.

DigitalCD is a desktop music player for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 on, providing control panels for any CD drives connected to the computer, and any internet radio and music file playlists – with a very wide variety of supported music formats, from the more obvious MP3, Flac and Ogg Vorbis, through to many ‘tracker’ formats.

DigitalCD screenshot, taken from the software's website
DigitalCD screenshot, taken from the software's website

Bringing it up to version 3.06, DigitalCD will now display “<title> [<section>]” as the the title, if the track specifies a section.

TimPlayer is one of the modules used by DigitalCD, and provides its ability to play music in the various tracker formats. Version 1.19 resolves a number of bugs, such as displaying multi-line comments on a single line due to the over-enthusiastic removal of control characters in previous versions, corrections to the way some features of differing file formats were being handled.

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