Nov 282015

With the end of November rapidly approaching, and with it the deadline for preparing the RISC OS Awards poll for 2015 (coming soon, folks), here are some news items that have previously either slipped under the RISCOSitory RADAR (it came with the bunker, doncherknow), or which were held back for a snippets post. Like this one! Continue reading »

Mar 192014

Bringing you the latest yesterday’s last week’s month’s YEAR’s news TODAY!

Thanks to a previous engagement being cancelled, an unexpectedly free day means I can – finally – root through my archive of possible news and put together a snippets-post of things that really ought to have been reported on before now on RISCOSitory. Continue reading »

May 192013

No, just because it’s on the internet and it’s called Cat_Draw, that doesn’t mean there are cute pictures of cats.

Long time RISC OS user Martin Carradus popped up on the RISC OS Open forums in February in response to a comment about his application, Cat_Draw, not being 32-bit compatible. Martin initially offered to supply his source code, presumably to allow someone else to make the application 32-bit compatible, but a couple of hours later posted again to say that he had now recompiled it himself. Continue reading »