Wakefield group goes all festive on 7th December

7th December? But Christmas is still AGES away!

WROCC logoThe Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club – the Yorkshire-based user group after which WROCC syndrome is named1 – will be holding their December meeting on Wednesday 7th December; two days time as I type this.

Being the last meeting before Christmas, it will be an evening of festive frivolity, with mince pies and other ‘seasonal nibbles’ available to eat, and rather than someone giving a talk on a RISC OS or other computer related topic, those attending will be subjected to a “famously fiendish” computer-themed quiz, devised by Peter Richmond.

The fun will kick off at 7:45pm, at the group’s normal meeting place:

The West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club,
Sandal Hall Close, off Walton Lane,
(A61) Barnsley Road,
WF2 6ER.

There is plenty of parking at the venue, as well as a bar for refreshments2, and the group helpfully provides a map and directions for those who may be unfamiliar with the location.

There is an entrance fee of £3.00 for non members attending the meeting, which will also get them a printed copy of the Club newsletter, and which is waived for those who have joined the group. Annual membership costs just £15.00, reduced to £7.50 for the first year, so it’s worth it for those likely to attend at least two and a half meetings in that first year, or five thereafter – and as an added bonus, that membership brings with it:

  • A PDF newsletter with all the latest news and articles. For those who prefer their newsletters to involve the slaughter of innocent trees, printed versions are available by post for an annual supplement of £7.00.
  • The ability to place for sale and wanted adverts on the website and in the newsletter.
  • Membership of the WROCC discussion forum.

The next scheduled meeting after this one will take place on 4th January, 2017 – however, that meeting will be the group’s Annual General Meeting, and is closed to non-members. After that, the next two meetings are expected to take place on the 1st of February and March respectively, with the topics for those meetings still to be confirmed.

The group also organises the Wakefield Acorn & RISC OS Computer Show, which will be taking place on 22nd April, 2017 at:

The Cedar Court Hotel,
Denby Dale Road,
Calder Grove,
WF4 3QZ.

The show website appears to have received a makeover, and is sporting a shiny new design – and for those who have RISC OS or related websites, show banners are now available for you to help promote the event.


  1. WROCC syndrome is a condition that somehow causes its sufferers to not send announcements to the news address of what is now the only regularly updated news website in the RISC OS community. The Wakefield group (or whoever sends out their announcements) aren’t the only people who fail to do this – and therefore aren’t the only people afflicted with this terrible condition – but it is their announcements (and the fact that I don’t receive them) that has led me to realise that it is a very real, and very serious condition.
  2. Oddly, the announcement emphasises that the parking is free. Personally, I’d put more emphasis on there being a bar. I guess this could be a Yorkshire thing, though: You have to spend money at the bar, but the parking? That’s FREE – woohoo!

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