Try on a tux – run Linux on your Titanium too

Announcement from Elesar, 12th April, 2016. Elesar‘s award winning Titanium motherboard has run RISC OS 5.23 since it started shipping in late 2015, with a Linux variant also available, but having two computers for two different operating systems is a bit of a waste of desk space, so wouldn’t it be easier to be able […]


Click and collect at the Wakefield Show

Announcement from Elesar, 11th April, 2016. Elesar have teamed up with RISC OS Open Limited (ROOL) again to act as a collection point for heavy or bulky items ordered from Elesar that would otherwise be expensive to post.

User groups

Three meetings in the next few days: RONWUG, MUG, and ROUGOL

It’s not like they’re buses or anything, but… Three user group meetings will be taking place over the next few days, with the first of the three – RONWUG – taking place tonight. The second will be the MUG meeting on Saturday, and the third the ROUGOL meeting on Monday. So, a quick look at […]

User groups

Titanium comes to London user group meeting

Group’s first meeting of 2016 sets a high bar for the rest of the year! Unless you’ve been asleep since just before the recent London Show, you will be aware of Titanium – the subject of a surprise announcement the night before the show. Developed by Rob Sprowson of Elesar Ltd, Titanium is a new […]


Return of the red keys

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red keys on the keyboard? Well, that’s just right! Visitors to the recent London Show – and readers of the RISCOSitory account of the event – will know that one of the items on display was a keyboard on the RISC OS Open Ltd stand. However, this wasn’t just […]


Preview of a whole new platform

Announcement from Steve Revill, 23rd October, 2015. Visitors to the London show this weekend may wish to drop by the ROOL stand to take a sneak peek at a brand new Cortex-A15 motherboard designed with RISC OS in mind, which has kindly been loaned to ROOL for the duration of the show.