News nybble: Elesar offers click and collect for Southwest Show

If you’re going to be at the Southwest Show (if not, why not?) and you wish to order something from Elesar Ltd, then provided you do so by the final cut-off point you will be able to visit the RISC OS Open Logistics stand on Saturday to collect your goodies. When ordering, all you need […]


News nybble: GoLinux can now GoGraphical

Users of RISC OS on Titanium-based machines have the option of booting into Linux thanks to GoLinux from Elesar, suppliers of the motherboard itself. However, as shown in this video recording of Chris Hall speaking to the Midlands User Group back in September, what that gets you into – initially – is a command line […]


News nybble: Elesar offers click and collect for London Show (updated)

Elesar Ltd is once again using the services of RISC OS Open Logistics, by offering a click and collect scheme for goods purchased in time for this year’s London Show, which takes place on Saturday. To take advantage of this scheme, which can represent quite a saving on heavier items, simply select ‘Pick up at […]


Elesar reaches for the sky

Grabs clouds, makes them available to RISC OS users. Elesar Ltd, the company behind the Titanium motherboard, has today introduced a new network filing system, called CloudFS, which is designed to enable RISC OS computers to access to cloud-based storage in an easy, RISC OS friendly way.


GoLinux goes up… to version 1.02

Debian new version of the Linux launcher for Elesar’s Titanium. Elesar Ltd, the company behind the Titanium motherboard, has released a new version of GoLinux, an app originally released in April, and designed to allow users to launch Linux from the RISC OS desktop.


Try on a tux – run Linux on your Titanium too

Announcement from Elesar, 12th April, 2016. Elesar‘s award winning Titanium motherboard has run RISC OS 5.23 since it started shipping in late 2015, with a Linux variant also available, but having two computers for two different operating systems is a bit of a waste of desk space, so wouldn’t it be easier to be able […]


Click and collect at the Wakefield Show

Announcement from Elesar, 11th April, 2016. Elesar have teamed up with RISC OS Open Limited (ROOL) again to act as a collection point for heavy or bulky items ordered from Elesar that would otherwise be expensive to post.

User groups

Three meetings in the next few days: RONWUG, MUG, and ROUGOL

It’s not like they’re buses or anything, but… Three user group meetings will be taking place over the next few days, with the first of the three – RONWUG – taking place tonight. The second will be the MUG meeting on Saturday, and the third the ROUGOL meeting on Monday. So, a quick look at […]

User groups

Titanium comes to London user group meeting

Group’s first meeting of 2016 sets a high bar for the rest of the year! Unless you’ve been asleep since just before the recent London Show, you will be aware of Titanium – the subject of a surprise announcement the night before the show. Developed by Rob Sprowson of Elesar Ltd, Titanium is a new […]