Elesar brings Black Friday to the world of RISC OS. Again.

So let’s all have a Black Celebration1.

For the second year running, Elesar Ltd is allowing RISC OS users to benefit from Black Friday – a sales event from the Untidy States of Overpuddle2 that has started to catch on here in the UK.

For Overpuddlians, the last Thursday in November is a national holiday called Thanksgiving, and the day following it is considered to be the first day of the Christmas shopping season. Major retailers on that side of the puddle have sales and open early that day, which has become known as Black Friday. For the past few years it has started to become something of an event here in the UK, and last year Elesar brought a Black Friday sale to the RISC OS community.

This year, Elesar is once again giving RISC OS users the chance to bag a bargain, with a three for two offer on software. For the sale period, you can buy any three items from the software category, and pay for only two – the cheapest item becomes free.

Software available from the company includes:

  • CloudFS – software to enable RISC OS computers to connect to a cloud storage provider.
  • Font Directory Pro – a very capable, and very popular font management suite.
  • AMCOG Games bundle – a collection of the first five RISC OS games by Tony Bartram.
  • CloneDisc – a tool for copying/duplicating SD cards from Piccolo Systems.
  • SystemDisc – a tool for creating SD card images, also from Piccolo.

According to Elesar, there are thirty five possible combinations in the offer, because you can purchase the same item more than once3 – and while that might sound silly, don’t forget that we are now approaching Christmas; you might want to give more than one person the same RISC OS software as a gift.

To participate, simply visit Elesar’s shop and choose the items you wish to purchase from the software category. When you go through the checkout, if you pay by PayPal, you will pay the full amount and the cheapest item will be refunded prior to despatch, and for other payment methods the invoice will reflect the reduced total.

To reflect the fact that the Earth is an oblate sphere that spins on its axis, leading to inhabitants on different parts of the planet using different time zones, the period for Elesar’s Black Friday sale runs for a little longer than twenty four hours. The offer is valid between 10:00 23-Nov-2016 UTC and 12:00 25-Nov-2016 UTC – which here in the UK equates to 10:00am on 23rd November (i.e. this morning) and 12:00pm (midday) on 25th November. Throughout that period it will be Friday, 24th November somewhere on the planet.


  1. I haven’t dropped in a music reference for a long time, so why not? Black Celebration, for those unfamiliar, is a Depeche Mode song and album title from 1986.
  2. Also known to less enlightened people as the United States of America. It can also be called Overpuddle (or America if you’re that way inclined) for short. It’s inhabitants are Overpuddlians (or Americans).
  3. It took me a moment to understand that after a tedious day at the office, so to save anyone else from being confused: Although the number of combinations is three to the power of five, which is 243, some combinations are the same but with the software listed in a different order. Scrub such duplications, and it whittles down to 35.

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