Buy a Titanium during September, grab a games bundle FOC

Five games for the price of none! (Well, ignoring the price of the Titanium, obviously!)

Titanium motherboardThe summer holiday period is just about over, and people with kids will soon see them returning to school (here in the UK, at least). Things will be quiet around the house during the day, so you’ll need some way to pass the time, having got used to entertaining the children during their time off.

Elesar Ltd have provided a simple solution with their latest announcement, by offering a a bundle of five titles from AMCOG Games free with any purchase of a Titanium motherboard. Once the little angels are sent off to school1, you can while away those hours playing:

  • Cyborg screen grab supplied by AMCOG Games
    Cyborg screen grab supplied by AMCOG Games – click for full size version

    Cyborg, which normally costs £9.99, and in which you take on the role of a cyborg treasure hunter, searching Castle CyberDroid for ancient treasure, all the while avoiding the various droids trying to hinder your progress.

  • Legends of Magic, normally £7.99, is an isometric 3D adventure, in which you must find an evil wizard who has been banished to (and escaped from) an alternative dimension, and send him back.
  • Mop Tops, normally priced at £9.99, is a Lemmings-inspired game in which you must employ a little lateral thinking and position objects appropriately on screen, in order to provide a route for the crazy-haired critters of the title, and help them escape.
  • Xeroid screen grab, courtesy of AmCoG Games - click for a larger version
    Xeroid screen grab, courtesy of AmCoG Games – click for a larger version

    Xeroid, priced at £9.99, sets you as the pilot of a ship travelling along a space highway,  shielding you from the black hole below – and you must reach the end of the highway before your time runs out.

  • Overlord is the oldest of AMCOG’s RISC OS games and is now priced at £4.99. This game is a ‘tube shooter’ in which you must work your way through the Overlord’s defences, to reach their home planets and rid the galaxy of their evil tyranny.
Titanium motherboard
Titanium motherboard

The Titanium motherboard itself, which came out on top in the RISC OS Awards Best Hardware category in 2016, features a 1.5GHZ Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB DRAM, two DVI video connections, two ethernet ports, and much more besides.

Running the latest version of RISC OS 5, the board is ready to build into a suitable case, with a printed Quick Start Guide included so to help you along your way to getting everything set up and running.

In order to grab the games bundle between now and the end of September, simply pop along to the Elesar Ltd shop page, and on the Titanium + RISC OS product page click on the ‘EH-978-7’ link in the product description to reach the bundle product page, and order from there.


  1. An alternative take on this is to ask what better way there is to annoy the little monsters than to buy a Titanium motherboard, and get a bundle of games thrown in for free, now they have less time to play the games themselves? You can start playing in the morning as they leave the house on their way to school, and shut the system down as they walk in later, in time to do their homework!
    In fact, why score bonus annoyance points by playing the games while they’re trying to do that homework? After all, how many times have they annoyed you in the car by asking “Are we there yet?”2
  2. And for those of us without kids, a good way to annoy siblings and friends who do have children is to tell those children that there’s a fun game to play in the car called “Are we there yet?” in which they score points for starting slowly, and increasing the frequency of asking that question. This is nothing to do with the Titanium offer, just a top tip for anyone with an evil side.

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