Andrew Conroy releases BASIC library for the Raspberry Pi JAM HAT

Encouraging people to be as flashy as he is when his boss isn’t around! Observant readers and show visitors will have noticed that Andrew Conroy has started occasionally having his own presence at RISC OS computer shows – when CJE Micro’s, the company for which he works, isn’t present. What he exhibits is a range […]

User groups

Andrew Conroy talks to ROUGOL about Pi interfacing, 21st May

There will probably be flashing – but don’t worry, it’ll be LEDs rather than Andrew himself. The next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London – ROUGOL – will take place two weeks today, on 21st May, and the guest speaker will be Andrew Conroy. Although Andrew will be recognised by many people […]

User groups

Talks to look forward to in London

Publicising things well in advance? This is so not RISC OS! The RISC OS User Group of London has already made plans for guest speakers for a few meetings in the coming months, and has put that information “out there” so that anyone interested – and who is able to venture into the nation’s Capital […]