News nybble: 4D now supplying 7″ and 10″ monitors with HDMI input

4D – the entity that shares space in the TARDIS with CJE Micro’s – is now offering 7″ and 10.” LCD monitors that feature multiple inputs, including HDMI, making them suitable for use in tight spots with small computers such as the Raspberry Pi. The combination of such a monitor, a Pi, and a small keyboard and mouse could also serve as a “portable desktop” computer.

The 7″ monitor sports HDMI, VGA and 1V composite inputs. It features a native resolution of 1024×600, and is priced at £59 including UK postage. Meanwhile, the 10.1″ one has the same inputs, with the addition of USB, and its resolution is 1280×800. It is priced at £99.00 including UK postage.

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