Mop Tops gains new levels and sounds in version 1.20

AMCOG games has released a new version of Mop Tops, the company’s most recent game, with more levels, more music tracks, new sound effects, and improved graphics.

Launched at London 2016, the game was inspired by Lemmings and involves the player placing various tools and objects on the play area for the titular Mop Tops to interact with, the aim being to guide them to the exit on each level. As such, each level is a puzzle that needs to be solved, and the player is given the building blocks to try to solve that puzzle.

The new version gains sound effects produced via the RDSP virtual sound chip that AMCOG’s Tony Bartram is also developing – a Wavebox-inspired synthesizer project with that should lead to a powerful and easy to use sound capability being available on modern RISC OS computers. Sound also gains through the addition of two new music tracks, increasing the number included from the original four up to six.

Improvements have also been made to the character and effects animations, as well as to the drag and drop – the method used to place (and move) the objects in the game. And, of course, there are now more levels than before, with the addition of a further eight, bringing the total up to thirty.

Version 1.20 is a free update for existing customers, and can be downloaded via !Store. If you purchased it that way to start with, you can simply log-in and download the latest version, whereas if you purchased it at a show you will find a code in the packaging that will enable you to do likewise. And if you haven’t yet purchased Mop Tops, you can of course do so via !Store  – or directly from Tony at the next RISC OS show for £9.99.

And if you can’t decide and want to see it running first, Tony has uploaded a video of the game to YouTube:

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