MiniTime waits for no man – version 1.06 released

MiniTimeFred Graute has released another new version of MiniTime, an application that displays the date and time in an icon or a small, unobtrusive window, allowing the user to see the information at a glance, but without the application or its window getting in the way.

The headline features of version 1.06 are:

  • The ability to control the position of the icon when it is configured to appear on the icon bar, with options for the left or right side of the bar, whether it has high or low priority.
  • The calendar display now ensures that the first day of the displayed month doesn’t start in the first grid cell, which means there is always up to one week of the previous month shown.
  • The calendar display has also gained some more useful information in the form of an ‘info bar’ at the bottom that displays the day within the year, as well as the week number, of whichever date is under the pointer.

There have also been some small problems addressed:

  • Dates can now be exported to the clipboard for pasting into other applications. According to Fred, this didn’t work before “due to a programmer silly” – which I’m sure is much less serious than a programmer facepalm.
  • Inserting a date at the caret could previously see dropped characters with some applications.
  • The calendar now has upper and lower bounds the years it was possible to set, with the maximum range being from 1900 to 2247.
  • A poll delay calculation has been fixed, which could previously have meant the application didn’t receive enough null events.

The software was written as a replacement for SmallTime by James Freeman. While obviously a useful application, SmallTime has never been updated to run on 32-bit platforms, and was released under a restrictive licence that meant altered versions couldn’t be distributed. MiniTime, on the other hand, has been released under the three-clause BSD licence, with source code included, so there should be no such problems in future.

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