StrongED 4.69 gets its eleventh full release

Promises to stay out of trouble and on the straight and narrow If you point your web browsers at the StrongED website, you’ll be able to download StrongED 4.69f11 – the eleventh full release of StrongED 4.69. According to Fred Graute, who now develops StrongED, the download contains a copy of the application with all […]


StrongED 4.69f9 released… again

If you were using 4.69f9, you should probably upgrade… to 4.69f9. Fred Graute has released another new version of StrongED, a general purpose and very powerful, yet easy to use text editor. The software, which is an ideal replacement for the vastly less-featured Edit that has been supplied with all RISC OS computers since the […]


StrongED 4.69 released

Announcement from Fred Graute, 1st September, 2013 Hi, I’m pleased to announce that StrongED 4.69 is now available. Please note that this is a minimal release that contains only BaseMode. Other modes that you may wish to use have to be downloaded separately from the website (Download page -> Modes database).


Transient 2.06 released

Daily directories for saving safely. Fred Graute, current maintainer of StrongED, released a new version of Transient towards the end of last year, a utility that provides a temporary directory on the hard drive, creating a new subdirectory each day in order to help organise files. The application puts an icon on the left side […]