Currency gains a handy default in version 1.12

If you want to know the conversion rate from one currency to another – perhaps you’re going on holiday and need some euros, for example, and therefore need to know how much to take out of the bank in pounds sterling – Kevin Wells has an application you’ll find useful.

Called Currency, the program uses Wget to interrogate an online service, The Free Currency Converter API site, and in doing so makes it possible to check rates from the RISC OS desktop, without having to resort to a web browser on another platform.

Kevin has released a new version of the application, 1.12, in which the headline change is that it now allows you to select the default currencies – either or both of the one you’re converting from, and the one you’re converting to.

Other changes are that when changing a currency, any exchange rate already displayed is now removed, and if there is a problem fetching the exchange rate a suitable error is displayed.

If you find this or any of Kevin’s other software useful, why not consider supporting his efforts by buying some Kevsoft merchandise or simply using his currency converter to bung him a few euros.

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