May 012018

You write ’em and send ’em, and I may put ’em online.

Until now, RISCOSitory has not carried product reviews. The main reason for this is that the site is run with no financial reward – only costs. As such, I didn’t want to commit to spending even more time working on the site than I already do, and thus not working on things that could be earning an income, and helping to cover those costs.

Sitting down to use a piece of hardware or software, with a critical eye, specifically to write about the experience would be adding to the amount of time I spend working on or for the site, and reducing my potential for earning – so I’ve always felt that it wasn’t an avenue worth exploring.

However, a few weeks ago I was sent a review by a third party. Continue reading »

Apr 152018

Something to read on the train on the way to the show, perhaps?

A little bird has informed me that the next issue of the lesser-spotted Archive Magazine has been printed and was being bundled into envelopes the other day.

With the Wakefield Show now just six days away, the obvious thing to infer is that Archive’s editor, Jim Nagel, intends for subscribers to receive their copy before the show takes place – so it can probably be expected to arrive in the next few days.

Dec 102016

That’ll be mark up creation all sewn up, then.

Gavin Wraith has released a new version of Weave, an application that can generate web pages from scripts, and thus remove any need to understand either HTML or CSS.

The script language used is a subset of Lua, so anyone who writes programs in that language will probably be at home writing Weave scripts – though a quick glance at the user guide suggests anyone who doesn’t probably won’t. However, for those who have the Archive Magazine CD/DVD including volume 15 – or indeed, those who still have the dead tree editions of that volume – Harriet Bazley wrote a two part article on Weave, published in issues 15:8 and 15:9.

Oct 292016

One of the rarest species these days in the world of RISC OS is the Lesser-spotted Archive – well, more specifically, it’s new editions of the Lesser-spotted Archive. However, the London Show, which opens its doors to the public in a little over an hour from now, is expected to be the scene of a mass sighting.

Jim Nagel will be bringing a hot-off-the-press new edition – volume 24, issue 2 – and subscribers attending the show will be able to collect their copy, whereas subscribers who don’t attend can jolly well wait for it to arrive in the post! Jim will also be taking orders for a new end-of-volume DVD, which is currently being prepared, with a price tag of £22 (£20 at the show), or £12 (£10) for those upgrading from the volume 22 edition.

Sep 262012

For real this time, apparently – no word of a lie.

Long-time RISC OS fan and editor of Drag ‘n Drop magazine, Paul Stewart has announced the closure of the PDF-based magazine with immediate effect.

Paul launched Drag ‘n Drop in 2009, and published four issues per year/volume, costing £3.00 each. In October 2011, shortly before the London Show, after two years and eight issues, he decided that it was time to cease publication. However, barely a week later, Paul turned up at the show with the first issue of volume three – he had changed his mind, apparently having been encouraged to continue with it by R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley. Continue reading »

Mar 052011

As a Bristol resident the annual RISC OS South West show, held at the Webbington Hotel near Loxton, is my local event – but one I almost always miss because it usually takes place in February and clashes with a regular holiday. This year, however, the show was held slightly later, so I was able to go along as a visitor. Having missed it for some years now I’ve no real notion of what the show is typically like in terms of  the number of visitors, so I couldn’t say if there was an increase or not this year – but what I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out. I can’t help but suspect that it is higher than previous years, and that the reason for it is a combination of the amazing coup that Paul Middleton managed by getting Sophie Wilson to do a theatre presentation, and R-Comp‘s decision to unveil their ARMini computer at the show. That’s the sort of combination that could have the South West Show challenging the Wakefield Show as the premiere event in the RISC OS calendar.

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Mar 012011

Showing a level of initiative often sadly lacking these days in the RISC OS community, the current editor and publisher of Archive Magazine, Jim Nagel, has made available a sampler of issue 22:12 (volume 22, issue 12). His main motivation for doing this is that the physical magazine is only due back from the printers on the eve of the South West Show this coming Saturday and, as reading the sampler reveals, the news pages obviously cover the show; it’s clear that in an ideal world Jim would have liked that issue to be on our doorsteps before the show takes place – in particular because at least one item of news it contains might encourage more people to attend the show.

And what is that news?

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