Holiday hiatus for R-Comp / RCI / RISC OS Developments

With the season of ‘not wanting to get out from under the duvet because it’s cold and dark’ upon us – as well as that festival that happens every year in late December, followed by one that marks the change of year number – R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley has announced the dates his company will be officially closed for the period.

Both R-Comp and RISC OS Developments to give talks to ROUGOL on 14th December

And Andrew Rawnsley will be doing an ‘AMA’ as well. What a bargain! The next RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meeting will take place on 14th December, which is a week earlier than it normally would – the second Monday of the month rather than the usual third. This month there will be a talk on behalf of RISC OS Developments Ltd about some of their projects, given by Andrew Rawnsley, followed by a talk about the latest R-Comp products, given by (checks notes) Andrew Rawnsley. And following…

News from RISC OS Developments – ROUGOL meeting, 20th January

Also: Date of 2020 London Show now known The RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) recently announced a change of venue for their first meeting of both the new year and new decade – and the guest speaker at that meeting with be Richard Brown, with an update on all the recent news from RISC OS Developments Ltd.

RISC OS Developments acquires Impression family of products

Impression Style now available free of charge Just in time for this year’s London Show, the company formed only a few short years ago by Andrew Rawnsley and Richard Brown has pulled another rabbit out of the hat, and announced that it has recently taken over ownership of the Impression family of products.

RISC OS Developments talks to ROUGOL

Having very recently acquired Castle Technology, and therefore the rights to RISC OS itself, RISC OS Developments Ltd has made people sit up and take notice yet again – after last year doing the same when it announced itself to the world, with the news that it had successfully secured funding for a then unspecified RISC OS project. If you were unable to attend the RISC OS London Show, during which the company’s Richard Brown gave one of the talks – and in so doing packed the room set aside…

RISC OS Developments release OBrowser as a fundraising initiative

As this year’s Wakefield Show drew near, news emerged of a new company – RISC OS Developments Ltd – formed by R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley and Orpheus Internet’s Richard Brown, with an extra theatre slot set aside for Richard to explain why the company was set up, what it’s purpose is (to a certain extent; full details were, and still are, subject to a non-disclosure agreement), and how people could help. A video of that talk is on YouTube:

News nybble: RISC OS Developments at Wakefield

Mentioned at the tail-end of that R-Comp press release was a mention of RISC OS Developments Ltd – and no, I didn’t forget to mention it because of the limited time I have, I deliberately chose to separate it out. It’s only a paragraph, so I may as well just quote it in full: If all that wasn’t enough for you, the Wakefield show will be the event where we unveil our new joint venture (with Richard Brown of Orpheus and others) – RISC OS Developments Ltd. A massive project…

‘Not the London Show’ news from RISCOSbits

A regular exhibitor at RISC OS shows, RISCOSbits would have been at the one originally planned for tomorrow. However, as we (hopefully) all know, the London Show isn’t going ahead – but over the Summer and early Autumn Andy Marks from RISCOSbits has been working on a few new bits and pieces; things that would have been launched, released, shouted about from the rooftops (or at least a set of tables) at the show. So let’s pretend we’re there, and look at what Andy would be telling us on the…