News from RISC OS Developments – ROUGOL meeting, 20th January

Also: Date of 2020 London Show now known

The RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) recently announced a change of venue for their first meeting of both the new year and new decade – and the guest speaker at that meeting with be Richard Brown, with an update on all the recent news from RISC OS Developments Ltd.

The company was formed only a few short years ago with the aim of raising funds in order to try bringing an up to date web browser to the RISC OS platform – a goal that was largely kept under wraps except to those people who contributed to the project, until finally being revealed at last year’s Southwest Show. (And don’t forget, folks, the next Southwest Show takes place on 22nd February – just five weeks from now!)

The company revealed at the show that there were two different browsers being brought to the platform, OWB and Iris – so Richard will be updating the group on the progress being made with them and the plans for a general release when development has reached a particular stage. In the meantime, test versions are available to contributors – and the latest builds will be available on the night for people to try out.

At the London Show in October, plans were revealed for a RISC OS Developments-branded SD card image for the Raspberry Pi. The idea was that this would be a major step up from the standard image that can be downloaded from the RISC OS Open website, with a larger image (disc) size, and a greater selection of bundled software – so this meeting is an opportunity to discuss this and what is (or you think should be) included.

Another thing announced at that show was a planned ‘RISC OS Direct’ video series, to be produced by Wi-Fi Sheep, and very shortly before the show came the news that RISC OS Developments had acquired the Impression family – so Richard should be able to reveal more and/or answer questions about these topics as well. And if pushed, he may even be willing to say something about his own company, Orpheus Internet – the most RISC OS-friendly ISP there is.

So where and when?

With the usual starting time of 7:45pm on the third Monday of each month (which the 20th January coincidentally happens to be), the new location for ROUGOL meetings is upstairs, in the Chichester Room (which itself opens at 6:30pm), at:

The Duke of Sussex,
23 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AY.

It’s easy to reach by public transport, with Waterloo Station only a couple of minutes walk away – that providing access to both the national rail network, and the London Underground. For drivers, there is on-street parking outside on Coral Street – but to get there you’ll have to contend with London traffic.

If you need help finding your way there, or any other information about the group and its meetings, ROUGOL can be contacted by telephone on 07970 211 629, by email, or via Twitter.

Looking ahead…

If you have an interest in retro 8-bit hardware, the meeting on 17th February will be right up your street, with a look at the various modern add-ons available for the BBC Microcomputer.

And with mention of the 2019 London Show above, if you peek in the direction of The Icon Bar you’ll see an interview with ROUGOL’s chairman, Bryan Hogan, in which he mentions the date of the 2020 London Show – so mark 24th October in your diaries, folks!

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