Amsterdam to welcome RISC OS Developments and R-Comp

Unnoticed here in the bunker, the Big Ben Club will be holding their RISC OS eXperience event on Saturday, 14th May – less than a week from now – and both RISC OS Developments Ltd (ROD) and R-Comp will be represented on the day, both by Andrew Rawnsley.

Andrew expects the focus of his time there to be talking about the new TCP/IP stack, the Iris web browser, and Pinboard 2 – all products in development (or released) through ROD – and will give a presentation and taking questions about the company’s work and plans.

For R-Comp, he’ll be showing off the new sixteen hundred 4té2 computer, a Raspberry Pi 4-based system in a very sleek looking metal chassis, along with the software that accompanies it, 4téTools (and I’ve only now pondered the question – just how many different tools are there in 4téTools?), as well as its spin off for other Pi owners, PiTools. Andrew expects to have a small stock of the new machines with him for those interested enough to buy one, and putting the hardware and associated software to one side, he’ll also be able to talk about various other R-Comp software products.

Opening from 10:00am until 4:00pm, the eXperience will take place at:

wijkgebouw de Vuister,
Molenwerf 44,
1541 WR Koog aan de Zaan,
The Netherlands.

Any requests for Andrew?

If any members of the Big Ben Club have specific requests for software or hardware, Andrew asks that you get in touch ASAP – he’ll only have limited space, so it’s important that if people want anything in particular brought over, they let him know in advance.

And a request from Andrew!

To reduce the amount of gear he has to take with him, and thus free up more space, Andrew would like to know if anyone can bring certain items to the event for him to use in his presentation/demonstrations – the biggest item that would be handy is a 1080p (or higher) monitor or TV, and freeing up a smaller but still useful bit of space, a USB keyboard and mouse would be helpful.

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