Holiday hiatus for R-Comp / RCI / RISC OS Developments

With the season of ‘not wanting to get out from under the duvet because it’s cold and dark’ upon us – as well as that festival that happens every year in late December, followed by one that marks the change of year number – R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley has announced the dates his company will be officially closed for the period.

Opening with a thank you, Andrew said:

Firstly a big thankyou to all RISC OS folks who have supported us during 2021. It has been a rough year for all of us, and the surge of COVID again suggests that early 2022 may continue to the trend. We hope you all stay safe and can enjoy a relaxing and stress-free period over the festive period.

And to take the top and tail of his announcement, he closed with:

We look forward to catching up with everyone in the New Year, and once again, please stay safe and take care of one another. Have a super holiday period, and let’s hope 2022 sees the world a better place for everyone. 🙂

Between those two comments was the crux of his announcement:

R-Comp (and by extension RCI) will be closed between 20th December (tomorrow) and 7th January. Andrew notes that it’s a slightly longer holiday than usual, but that they’ve not taken any time out at all during 2021, so hopes people will understand the need for an extended break1, covering both Christmas and the New Year, and a bit either side.

Despite being officially closed, the !Store back end should hopefully still be checked periodically, and anything that needs to be processed acted on – and Andrew adds that it might be worth people keeping an eye on the items available through the application, because there may be the occasional sale.

In addition to buying software from the desktop shop, if you wish to buy any hardware from the ever-growing range of computers sold by the company, feel free to drop them an email or leave a message, and they’ll do their best to get back to you as soon as possible – but bear in mind that because it’s their Christmas holiday, they’re likely to be otherwise occupied.

In the event you have an urgent support problem, you can call them on the usual number – 01925 755043 – and Andrew requests that you explain the problem clearly, so that the problem can be quickly understood, looked into, and hopefully addressed. He also asks that people refrain from making support calls on the three main days of the holiday; Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

Since Andrew is one of the key people behind RISC OS Developments, it should be noted that they, too, will be officially closed for the same period.


  1. Oi, Nestlé, There’s a potential marketing idea for you there. Make an extra long Kit Kat, and punt it with the slogan “Have an extended break… have an extended Kit Kat.” You’re welcome! (Although I need money at the moment, I’ll accept a regular supply of free Kit Kats in payment – preferably the new extended version you’re hopefully now going to make!)

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