Both R-Comp and RISC OS Developments to give talks to ROUGOL on 14th December

And Andrew Rawnsley will be doing an ‘AMA’ as well. What a bargain!

The next RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) meeting will take place on 14th December, which is a week earlier than it normally would – the second Monday of the month rather than the usual third.

This month there will be a talk on behalf of RISC OS Developments Ltd about some of their projects, given by Andrew Rawnsley, followed by a talk about the latest R-Comp products, given by (checks notes) Andrew Rawnsley. And following that there will be an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session where (checks again) Andrew Rawnsley will answer any questions presented to him.

In other words, Andrew Rawnsley will be the guest speaker, and he will talk about what both companies are doing and/or offering, before taking general questions.

As well as recently taking on ownership of RISC OS itself and making it fully open source, RISC OS Developments have been working with various people to bring new features and software to the platform, such as the Iris web browser, a new version of the Pinboard, and the new network stack, amongst many others.

And R-Comp have a wealth of products available, with their latest products including new computers such as the 4té and the still to be officially named Hfuhruhurr Duet, along with software to serve just about any need.

And after talking on behalf of each company – I’m guessing with a short Q&A session after each and specific to them – Andrew will then open up the meeting to questions on any relevant topic.

As with most of the year so far, the meeting will take place using the Zoom video conferencing system. To attend the meeting, therefore, you need a suitable device on which the software can run – ideally one equipped with a camera and microphone – and the meeting’s link and/or access codes. While ROUGOL can’t help with the device itself, if you get in touch – ideally before Monday – you’ll be sent the access details by email on the day of the meeting. (And if you still have the necessary codes from last month’s meeting, they can be used again this month.)

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