eXperience R-Comp, RCI, and RISC OS Developments in The Netherlands

In the UK, the last of the physical RISC OS shows1 before the Long Gaptm until the next is Wakefield, which took place last month, but if you are able to get to The Netherlands, there’s one still to go – the annual RISC OS eXperience, hosted by the Big Ben Club in Koog aan de Zaan, and which takes place tomorrow.

Andrew Rawnsley will be putting in an appearance at the event, representing not just R-Comp and R-Comp Interactive (RCI), but also RISC OS Developments.

For the latter, he will be demonstrating the latest versions of Iris, Pinboard 2, and the TCP/IP stack with its prototype Network Manager – with part of the day set aside to give a presentation on the company’s developments and plans.

When it comes to RCI and R-Comp, he’ll be showing off a selection of the latest hardware, such as the Pinebook Pro, 4tissimo, RockyRAID, and Hydra, as well as a range of software products – and he’ll also have some copies of Cloverleaf‘s CLFiler available to buy on CD.

For anyone interested in the Pinebook Pro in particular, Andrew will have some with him – but someone might be able to bag themselves a bargain, because he’ll have an “as new” unit that was traded in by a customer after only a very short time, and very little use. This is because it – like the majority of the machines – is one with a US-style keyboard; the owner traded it in to switch to one with a UK keyboard layout. This unit will be available at over €100 less than the price for a brand new one.


  1. There is one more show coming up – the MUG Mega Meet – but that’s an online one, not a physical one, and is set for 1st July (and does break up the Long Gaptm). After that, the next show should be London, for which the provisional date has been set as 28th October, but which is currently seeking an alternative venue.

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