Mark Moxon talking to WROCC about Lander – 5th June

If your use of RISC OS goes back to the early days of the operating system, there’s a very good chance you’ll have either have played Lander or, at the very least, will have found it lurking on one of the discs that came with your computer. It was supplied on the ‘Applications Discs’ that came with early Archimedes and A3000 computers.

ROUGOL meeting room – use it or lose it!

Back in January 2020, the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) moved from their previous home of some eighteen years to a new one, after the old pub had unexpectedly closed. With the arrival of the coronavirus on the UK’s shores and the subsequent lockdowns, however, the meetings moved online after only a small number of meetings at the new venue. With restrictions lifted, the group returned to its new home in July of this year with a new hybrid format. This means that those able to come to…

London Show covid-19 alert

ROUGOL, the organisers of the London Show have been notified that someone who was at the event has tested positive for Covid-19 this week. It’s unlikely that they contracted the virus at the show, because their symptoms first appeared on Monday, but it’s possible they may have been infectious on the Saturday. Those known to have been in close contact have therefore already been notified, and thankfully all have tested negative. However, others who were at the show may wish to take a home lateral flow test themselves, just to…

R-Comp will and won’t be attending London 2021

Plans afoot for a pre-show live-stream Another company whose appearance at the London Show on 30th October will be impacted by the pandemic is R-Comp, with both Andrew Rawnsley and Steph in an at risk category, and therefore shielding – and of course the concern of not just picking up the virus themselves, but potentially passing it on to other show visitors. However, despite their own non-attendance in person, the company will still have a presence; a stand has been booked, and Richard Brown of Orpheus Internet (and Andrew’s co-conspirator…

CJE Micro’s will not be attending London 2021

But promises significant announcement next week With the pandemic still a key consideration for many people, it’s inevitable that there will be some people and companies who will choose not to attend the London Show, which will be taking place as a physical event on Saturday, 30th October. CJE Micro’s is one such example. Chris Evans feels that given the current situation with the virus, taking into account his own health and the welfare of the company’s customers, attending the show is not an option.

News nybble: RISC OS eXperience cancelled

I have just been informed that, sadly, the annual RISC OS eXperience meeting – organised by the Big Ben Club – has been cancelled as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 situation. The event had been scheduled to take place on May 15th in The Netherlands, but will now not be going ahead because restrictions, aimed at limiting the spread of the virus, mean it is no longer possible. The Club’s website does suggest the event is to be replaced by a virtual meeting (English version), but no details appear…

Show report: Southwest 2020

I don’t think anyone can possibly disagree with me when I say that 2020, so far, has been an unusual year. Most of the world is in some form of lockdown due to the SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, with movements beyond our homes and interactions with people beyond our own households at a minimum – which means (in a RISC OS context) shows and user group meetings aren’t taking place.