R-Comp will and won’t be attending London 2021

Plans afoot for a pre-show live-stream

Another company whose appearance at the London Show on 30th October will be impacted by the pandemic is R-Comp, with both Andrew Rawnsley and Steph in an at risk category, and therefore shielding – and of course the concern of not just picking up the virus themselves, but potentially passing it on to other show visitors.

However, despite their own non-attendance in person, the company will still have a presence; a stand has been booked, and Richard Brown of Orpheus Internet (and Andrew’s co-conspirator in RISC OS Developments Ltd) has kindly stepped in to act as R-Comp’s agent for the show, and a large crate of software and hardware for sale at the event will be airdropped to him down in Sussex in time for the event.

Well, okay, it’ll probably be delivered by a courier, but airdropped sounds more exciting!

Two other members of the R-Comp team,Alan Wrigley and Andrew Pullan, have both said they’d like to attend the show in person, and may be able to answer questions about R-Comp’s products – but they may also take the opportunity to explore the show more fully than they otherwise might. And finally, Andrew Rawnsley says he’ll be available via phone or video link from his ‘bubble’ to provide additional remote help.

Although he won’t be present in person, Andrew is still hoping to be able to give a theatre presentation, only virtually. However, this possibility is still up in the air, because it will depend on a number of factors, such as whether the internet connection and bandwidth is able to cope.

Although not definite yet, Andrew says he’d like to do a live-stream of some kind, ideally on Thursday, 28th October (because people may be travelling the next day – or for those of us who get there on time, socialising in the bar!). This, he believes, might help customers decide what they might be interested in ahead of the show, as well as allow people to get a better overview of what R-Comp and RCI have been up to. People will have an opportunity to interact and ask questions – in a way that is often less practical at a show because of the crowds and everyone else also wanting to interact and ask questions – and there will be some promotions and discounts available as well. Keep your eyes peeled for a further announcement about this if it goes ahead.

And finally, because there will be many other people unable to attend for similar reasons, any show prices and discounts will be available after the event – and the best way to find out about these will be to ‘tune in’ to the live stream event.

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