Wakefield meeting, 3rd May – Chris Johns

With the show they organise now behind us, the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) have turned their attention to their regular meetings – and the next one will see Chris Johns as the guest speaker.

Chris has a number of pet projects, one of which has been to port Python to RISC OS, and related to that he has developed a toolbox library for the language, making it that little bit easier to use it to write desktop applications. His talk will therefore cover programming in Python on RISC OS machines.

Taking place online, using the Zoom video conferencing system, the meeting is set for Wednesday, 3rd May, starting at 7:45pm.

There are no entry requirements for attendance, such as WROCC membership – instead, as with the group’s previous online gatherings, it is open to anyone who is interested. The only things you will need is a device that can be used with Zoom – the software is available for most mainstream platforms – and the log-in credentials for the meeting. If you’ve joined any other recent WROCC meetings, you should have these – but if not, just get in touch with WROCC.

WROCC is funded by memberships, the cost of which has very recently been reduced to just £7.50 per year, which represents excellent value for money. As well as supporting one of the largest RISC OS user groups in the UK, you’ll also get access to their online discussion list and become a recipient of the self-titled monthly WROCC newsletter, delivered to your email inbox as a PDF file.

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