Developers’ meeting, 1st April

The latest in a series of online meetings with developers in mind – friendly fireside chats with a view to sharing ideas and techniques, and providing guidance and advice – will take place on Saturday, 1st April.

Programs tend to have versions, and to some extent this is a version 2.0 of the 4th March meeting which didn’t go as planned because of a combination of illness and a very slow upload to YouTube of the videos that were to be showcased.

The topic of that meeting was, and therefore of this one is, how to interface RISC OS with external devices, with the goal of switching LED lights on and off. The idea is that although interfacing with external hardware might sound advanced, doing so is a good way to introduce more general and basic principles, such as using the RISC OS application programmer interface (API) from a number of different languages.

The meeting will take place from 7:30pm online, using the Zoom video conferencing system, and it is open to anyone interested in programming on RISC OS – whether at a beginner level or advanced, or anywhere in between, and no matter whether you’re a seasoned RISC OS user, or someone new to the platform wondering what you can do with it armed with a compiler or interpreter.

If you’ve attended any of the previous meetings, the details should be the same, but if you haven’t you can obtain them by sending a direct message to Andrew McCarthy on Twitter or Mastodon – or indeed from your RISC OS computer using ChatCube – or by sending an email to me here in the RISCOSitory bunker.

Please be aware, though, that any emails sent this way on Saturday may not get a reply until close to the meeting’s start time!

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