Another ‘coding on RISC OS’ fireside chat – 17th December

The first ‘coding on RISC OS’ fireside chat, held in November, successfully brought together a number of people who develop software on RISC OS – and even the OS itself in some cases. A summary of what was discussed at the meeting and planned for the future was documented and published by Paolo Zaino, remarkably quickly, on the RISC OS Community GitHub, in a section headed CodingOnRISC-OS.

One of the outcomes was that the first more formal meeting was arranged for 21st January, 2023, at which there will be a number of very short presentations (which in some cases may be pre-recorded) covering the use of Git on different platforms, and how that works in the context of RISC OS development. Ultimately, with the meeting out of the way, those presentations should find their way onto YouTube as a resource for others.

Before then, however, another informal meeting has been arranged by Andrew McCarthy. This will take place on Saturday, 17th December, starting at 7:30pm. As before, there are no strict requirements to be a seasoned developer or an expert in some way – the meeting is open to anyone with an interest in the subject.

The meeting will be held online using Zoom, courtesy of the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL), and all you’ll need to join in is a device on which the software can be run, which means most mainstream platforms, and the meeting access details. These remain the same as the first meeting, so if you joined that one you already have them – but if you didn’t, they can be obtained by sending Andrew a direct message on either Twitter or Mastodon, or by sending an email to RISCOSitory.

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