Updates from R-Comp for Messenger Pro and genealogy software

A trio of updates have arrived from R-Comp, with new versions released of Messenger Pro 9, DP Genealogy, and Genealogy Records.

The first of these, Messenger Pro 9, is the leading commercial email package for RISC OS, handling multiple users and email accounts, usenet as well as email, and much more. Free to existing Messenger Pro 9 users, the update adds a shiny new ‘b’ to its version number – 9.00b – and brings a bit of tidying up in the built-in POP/SMTP client.

The update is free to existing Messenger Pro 9 customers. If you don’t already use the software, it is available for £39.99 including VAT from !Store.

The updates to the two genealogy packages are more significant, with a combination of some compatibility problems being dealt with – there were issues with ARMv8 hardware, such as anything built around a Raspberry Pi 4 – and a significant new feature: DNA Test matching facilities in the Records research tool.

With DNA testing gaining traction and the price of it coming down, and genealogists finding previously unknown links through it, it has become a big thing in the field with all of the main genealogy websites and services now offer it to aid research into your family – although any results of the DNA test still need to be carefully researched and properly cross-referenced. The R-Comp software is now therefore able to handle the data produced by a DNA test, and assist in your efforts to cross-reference that data as part of your research.

Other, less notable improvements can be found in areas such as file export options.

DP Genealogy Records is a database program designed to store, collate, and cross-reference all of the information you find as you research your family history, supporting basic data such as births, marriages, and deaths, as well as photographs, clippings, website information, and so on. It can also cope with gedcom data – a file format for storing and sharing genealogical information – and of course now has DNA test results added to the list. The upgrade to version 2.50b is free to existing users, and for those looking to add it for the first time to their repository of RISC OS applications, it is £20.00 from !Store.

DP Genealogy allows you to record all the necessary information about your ancestors in order to generate family trees, with a powerful set of options. Version 1.80a of this software is free to existing customers, with a new copy costing £29.99.

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