A few videos from MUG for your viewing pleasure

And one from Kevin Wells for budding programmers

The Midlands User Group (MUG) held their re-branded summer event on 1st July. What used to be the Midlands Midsummer MUG Show eventually came to a close due to low attendance numbers, but in 2022 it was resurrected as an online event, and this year held again under its new ‘MUG Mega Meeting’ banner – billing it, in effect, as an extended MUG meeting, with a spread of five different speakers over its five hour running time.

For anyone unable to attend on the day, each of the five presentations was recorded, and they are all now available to watch on YouTube, either as a playlist in which each is played in order, or individually as follows:

The first is Tony Bartram from AMCOG Games, with a talk covering his sound module, RDSP, before moving onto the games he has written for RISC OS, and in some cases ported elsewhere:

Andy Marks from RISCOSbits took the second slot, and talked largely about the FAST machines:

Viewers were given a BBC BASIC programming tutorial by Chris Dewhurst from Drag ‘n Drop in the third talk:

Andrew Rawnsley gave the penultimate talk, largely covering a variety of RISC OS Developments’ ongoing work:

And finally Steve Revill from RISC OS Open Ltd filled everyone in on what’s been happening with the operating system itself:

A little further back in time – 4th February to be precise – the group’s meeting consisted of two of its members giving talks on Zoom, and the recordings from that meeting are both also now available to watch:

John McCartney took us through his work to resurrect and update the Dr. Wimp’s Surgery documentation:

And John Rickman gave a talk about how he makes use of StrongED’s ‘folding’ facility:

Unrelated to MUG, Kevin Wells sent me an email a week or so back announcing his second programming hints and tips video. I deliberately held it back because I knew I’d be uploading the MUG videos around now, and there is a loose connection: In John McCartney’s talk above, the subject matter was his work on updating Dr. Wimp’s Surgery, the documentation for the programming library originally produced by Andrew Ayre and subsequently maintained by the late Ray Favre.

Kevin uses Dr. Wimp in his programming, and he is focusing on programming in BBC BASIC with the aid of that in his videos. Here’s his take on using BBC BASIC to extract data from XML files:

He has also put up a page on his website with the resources referred to in the video

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