4D officially announces competition winner

Computer with no name christened RapidO Ig instead of the Eastwood1.

Clint EastwoodAlthough result of the the Name that Tune Computer competition run by 4D (the younger sibling of CJE Micro’s) was revealed at the recent London Show, it hadn’t been officially announced.

The competition was to come up with a name for the ISEE IGEPv5-based computer the company was developing, and which at that point was nameless, and the intention had been to more widely publicise the competition result at the same time as announcing the full release of the computer itself. However, the latter has been delayed due to a small problem with the SATA driver2, So while that issue is resolved, the company has decided to officially announce the winner now, rather than later.

That winner, as revealed at the show, is Adrian Lees, who wins a £200 discount on the price of the computer for coming up with the name RapidO, with the ‘R’ and the ‘O’ capitalised, apparently, as a reference to the systems running RISC OS.

Chris Evans says they liked the name so much that they have decided to use it for a range of systems, with a suffix determining the system – so RapidO Ig for the IGEPv5-based computer that was the subject of the competition, and RapidO Ti for one based around Elesar‘s Titanium board.


  1. The Eastwood RapidO Ig is how it shall forever be known on RISCOSitory – and thanks to the continuing weirdness of the internet, it’s possible to connect the names Eastwood and RapidO via a sped up version of the Gorillaz first single on YouTube – it’s a Fast (rapido) version of Clint Eastwood. Ahem.
  2. Despite that problem, the computer itself is working and available to buy, but SATA is not enabled – the SATA SSD included with the machine is currently accessed via USB. Chris reported at the London Show that they had only received the  SATA driver a few days before the show and that it therefore needed fully testing before being made available for users.

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