Last chance to win £200 off the price of the Eastwood

Or whatever it’s eventually going to be called – that’s how you win the prize!

CJE Micro‘s “Name that Tune Computer” competition, which offers punters the chance to win £200 off the price of their new system by coming up with a name for the beast, will come to a close on 30th June, 2015. That’s this coming Wednesday, so grease up those ethernet cables to ensure your emailed entries reach CJE as quickly as possible!

CJE’s million dollar baby – which looks set to be the fastest ARM-based system to run RISC OS yet – is based around an ISEE IGEPv5 (an OMAP5432 system-on-a-chip, sporting an ARM Cortex-A15 CPU), and that’s presenting the company with a naming problem. Previous machines were based around boards that had easily adaptable names – so the PandaBoard-based computer became the PandaRO, for example – but that’s clearly not an option with the new system, which is why the competition was launched.

To help provide some inspiration, CJE have provided the following details about the new machine:

  • Board: ISEE IGEPv5 OMAP5432
  • CPU: Dual core ARM Cortex-A15
  • Maximum clock rate (before overclocking): 1.7GHz
  • Flops: 176% of Cortex-A9 (as used on the PandaBoard and i.MX6)
  • Romark benchmark: 178% of Cortex-A9
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3 (2GB available for RISC OS)
  • SATA: 1 port on-board
  • Maximum resolution: possibly 2048 x 2048

A little extra guidance is given, to the effect that the preferred name would ideally follow on from the RaspberryRO and PandaRO names used for previous systems, and/or could be adapted further for whatever comes after the IGEPv5-based computer.

Ideas that immediately spring to mind looking at the list include:

  • ISEERO – but that sounds like a cold line (Icy row), and has presumably already been dismissed by CJE.
  • IGEPRO – which sounds a little too similar to Go Pro, a camera brand, and has probably also been dismissed already.
  • ARMX10.56 (6 x 176%) or ARMX10.68 (6 x 178%), though R-Comp and associates would almost certainly object to those.

So perhaps that feature-list isn’t all that inspirational after all1. Either way, once the competition is closed, and the chosen name announced by CJE, that computer will forever be thought of here on RISCOSitory as The Eastwood, because it’s currently the machine with no name.

Entries should be submitted by email, and CJE/4D will pick the winner at their sole discretion. They also reserve the right to adapt (or not even use) the winning name in the final product.


  1. Or maybe it is. If a final ‘1’ is added to the 5432 (as in OMAP5432) we have 54321 – the final countdown used in Thunderbirds, after which we hear the immortal phrase, “Thunderbirds are go!”
    So if we replace the words “are go” with the letters R and O, we get “ThunderbirdsRO!”
    Okay, maybe not.

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