London Show videos, 2012 date officially announced

With the 2011 London Show now a happy memory, ROUGOL (the RISC OS User Group of London, who organise the show) have uploaded videos of the various theatre talks from the show. Most are available in both AVI and MPEG formats, with the latter being described as “RiscPC friendly”. In some cases there is a second, smaller AVI file.

The full list of videos is:

  • Peter Nowosad talks about the Charm programming language, and demonstrates writing a program: Charm [.mpg] – duration: 39:13
  • Martin Wuerthner talks about ArtWorks (demonstrating the styles feature) and Easi/TechWriter (demonstrating the cross references feature): MW [.avi, .mpg] – duration: 21:24
  • Andrew Rawnsley talks about and demonstrates ARMini and Fireworkz Pro: RCOMP [.avi, .mpg] – duration: 28:46
  • Steve Revill and Andrew Hodgkinson talk about the milestones RISC OS Open Ltd have achieved, and their goals: ROOL [.avi, .mpg] – duration: 21:16
  • Theo Markettos talks about the Raspberry Pi, and demonstrates it running RISC OS: RaspberryPi [.avi, .mpg, -small.avi] – duration: 30:18
  • Steve Fryatt demonstrates the initial setting up of CashBook: SteveFryatt [.avi, .mpg, -small.avi] – duration: 26:09
  • Trevor Johnson talks about Wiki Project: RISC OS and demonstrates how easy it is to edit a page: wiki [.mpg, -small.avi] – duration: 23:03

The date for the 2012 London Show, which had already been spotted on the ROUGOL website, has now been officially announced as Saturday 27th October 2012, 11am – 5pm, at the now usual venue, the St Giles Hotel, Feltham.

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