Get in early, adopt an IGEPv5

A Fistful of Dollars allows you to run The Gauntlet with an early version!

Although the new computer from CJE Micro’s is not yet complete, there are apparently (and unsurprisingly) people eager to get their hands on what is expected to be the fastest ever RISC OS computer to date – so Chris Evans says that they will be launching an Early Adopter Scheme at the Wakefield Show on Saturday, 25th April, 2015.

The computer, which features an OMAP5432-based ISEE IGEPv5 device at its heart, still has outstanding issues with the RISC OS port to the platform, explained Chris in his announcement of the scheme, but these are being addressed and significant advances made.

Back in February, CJE’s Andrew Conroy told me at the Southwest Show that they were hoping the machine will have reached a beta state by the Wakefield Show – which looks likely to be the case, since Chris says that they hope to have a few Early Adopter Scheme systems available for sale at the show, as well as at the Dutch RISC OS eXperience on 9th May, 2015.

And when the system is ready for a full release, the company will be offering IGEPv5 RISC OS HeartTM upgrades for MiniITX-cased systems.

No details of pricing are available yet, but Chris advises that “with a premium base system the price is going to be slightly more than other current RISC OS systems, but we feel it will be well worth the extra!” However, one person could be lucky enough to get that price reduced by a whole 200 smackers: As yet, the computer has no name, and CJE Micro’s launched a competition very recently to come up with one.

As a bit of additional guidance, Chris said “I would prefer a name that either follows on from our RaspberryRO and PandaRO and/or could be later adapted for whatever comes after the IGEPv5!”

I guess that means my own idea is no good, then. Since it’s currently the machine with no name, I was going to suggest The Eastwood. Think of the pun-potential; you would be able to buy a higher specified version For a Few Dollars More, and the computer (along with the company’s other machines) could be referred to as one of Kelly’s CJE’s Heroes. The ‘puntential’ is off the scale!

Oh well.

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