Show report: London 2019

The 2019 RISC OS London Show took place on Saturday, 26th October – and once again (speaking as an exhibitor) seemed to be a buzzing, exciting show with plenty for the visitor to see and experience. It was the 11th London Show, with the first having taken place on 3rd October, 2009, and there was a good mix of exhibitors including large well known RISC OS names and smaller home-based operators. As well as many well known faces there were new ones as well, which is always welcome – and…

The 2019 London Show looms

Hang on, have I written the Southwest Show report yet? Ah, yes. What about Wakefield? Er… The countdown until the end of the Long Gap, when the RISC OS London Show takes place, has now ticked down to twenty days. It takes place on Saturday, 26th October at the St Giles Hotel, Feltham – so I hope everyone has their travel (and if necessary hotel) arrangements made, and that the show will be busy with plenty of visitors.

Show report: London 2021

30th October, 2021, marked the return to physical shows in the UK, when the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) hosted their customary October event at the St Giles Hotel in Feltham – the RISC OS London Show. Understandably under the circumstances, there were fewer exhibitors than in previous years, as well as few visitors; it was a much quieter show than usual – but despite that, it was still an excellent day for finding out what’s happening in the RISC OS world. So what happened? What did we…

SprEdit by Richard Swetman reviewed

Does anyone remember the excellent bitmap editing program ProArtisan 24 from Clares? Richard Swetman has written a simple bitmap editor program called SprEdit which performs some impressive sprite operations. The application can be installed via Packman, or directly from Richard Swetman’s website, where Richard has also provided some useful 256 colour test sprites – scroll down to section (m) under the Graphics heading.

Snippets – 9th January, 2022

A roundup of 2021 news and releases not already covered on RISCOSitory With 2021 now behind us, the time has come for one final round up of news that hasn’t already found its way onto onto these pages – although this time, in fact, it’s the only round up of such news for 2021; for 2020, a snippets post appeared half way through the year and then another just after the year ended – but no earlier post has been compiled for 2021.

Gerph to fan the Pyromaniac flames at ROUGOL

Last November, Gerph gave a talk to the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) on the subject of Pyromaniac, which he initially launched earlier that year as the RISC OS Build Service, and discussed how it came about and how it was developed, and its practical use for testing things. One year on, he is returning to the group to give a follow-up presentation, to update the group on what he’s done with it since.

And the winner is…

…to be announced on Monday, 16th August! The annual RISC OS Awards poll was brought to a close recently a month and a half ago and it’s now time to reveal the results. This would normally be done in the form of a thread on the RISCOSitory Twitter account followed by a post here on the site, with the Awards website itself then updated accordingly… This year, however, things are being handled a little differently.

A final call for votes in this year’s awards poll

Along with an updated look at the alternative votes The 2020 RISC OS Awards poll has now underway for more than a couple of months, which means it’s about time a final deadline for votes was issued so that the hundreds hundred or so votes that have been cast can be counted up and the results published. That deadline, therefore, is the end of this month – 30th June. If you haven’t yet voted, please ensure you do so by then. If you’ve looked at the options and decided one…