Escape from Exeria gets a CD release at Wakefield in Bradford

At last year’s virtual Wakefield Bradford Wradfold Show, Soft Rock Software released a new version of an old budget game – Escape from Exeria. The new version features:

  • Redesigned graphics, with the game now running in a full colour, 1920×1080 pixel screen mode.
  • New sound effects, played via RDSP from AMCOG Games.
  • Twice as many levels to complete, bringing the number up to 80.
  • A new challenge for the player to overcome on the new levels.

In the game, you have been sent to the prison mines of Exeria, from which you are determined to escape. In order to do so, you must travel around each level collecting the stars, while avoiding the guards patrolling the area.

Once you have collected all the stars of one colour, corresponding cages will open, giving you access to more of the level – but also changing the routes patrolled by the guards. Watch out, though, because when you gain access to the final star, the guards stop merely patrolling the area, and actively track you.

Think fast, and you can avoid them and ultimately find your way out.

The new game has been available to purchase via !Store since last year’s event – but at the Wakefield Show on Saturday, 21st May it will be available to buy on CD, priced at a nice simple fiver.

Also available on Saturday will be:

  • The Collection, on both CD and USB flash drive, which includes a number of software titles – applications, command line tools, and games. (A development/test version of Escape from Exeria is included, but not the final release version). Normally priced at £15.00, this will be available for £8.00 on Saturday – or £5.00 if purchased together with the Escape from Exeria CD.
  • The RiscPiC. While stocks remain of these RiscPC-inspired cases for the Raspberry Pi, they will be available to buy at below cost price: £10.00 for the RiscPiC-standard, and £5.00 for the RiscPiC-mini.

Payment options on the day will include both cash and contactless card.

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