Get your daily exercise with two new AMCOG collections available from Elesar

The lockdown may have been eased slightly in the UK (elsewhere may vary), meaning you are permitted to venture outside for longer for your daily exercise, but that doesn’t mean you should be outside all day, every day – so what can you do at home for the rest of the day?

An answer has been provided by Elesar Ltd, with two new AMCOG Games collections to help you pass those long, tedious hours – and to help you get even more exercise; for your digits and your grey matter.

The first bundle is aimed at exercising your brain cells, and includes games in which you have to think about how to do things, rather than get trigger happy. The three titles included in the Puzzle collection, are:

  • Legends of Magic
    A game that puts you on a quest to banish an evil wizard back to another dimension, from which he has escaped. You’ll need to keep your wits about you as you explore the wizard’s island, avoiding monsters and undead monks, finding the objects you’ll need to help you rid the world of the wizard.
  • Mop Tops
    Enjoying a simple but stubborn way of life, the Mop Tops tend to set out on a path and then just keep going until they can’t – which can sometimes get them into problems. Your goal is to help them overcome any obstacles, so they can get to where they are going. All you have to do is work out what tools will best help them, and place those tools in their path.
  • Escape from the Arcade
    Warning signs are meant to be ignored – everyone knows that – and that’s exactly what you did when you tried fiddling with a faulty arcade machine. And that’s why you’ve somehow been pulled through a dimensional rift, and now find yourself in the arcade game – and your only recourse is to explore this new digital world, collecting objects and solving puzzles along the way while avoiding aliens and goblins, and hopefully find a way out.

The second bundle is geared more towards flexing your fingers, and keeping your reactions up to speed – the Space collection – which contains:

  • Star Mine
    Deep space asteroid mining is big business, and you’re piloting a Zeus-class mining ship – but the only problem is where you’re operating; in an alien mining zone. Enclosed in a laser energy field, the zone contains a number of asteroids you need to blast in order to collect their contents, but the aliens that built the zone don’t take kindly to intruders exploiting their technology!
  • Xeroid
    Space highways utilise the gravitational power of a black hole to form an extremely fast way through local space, but they are perilous routes to take. Different parts of the highway are affected differently, and in turn affect any ship traversing them – but the colour of those sections is also affected, so you can see what problems are coming up, and react accordingly. Don’t fly off the side of the highway, though, or the blackhole will overcome your ship’s drive systems.
  • Protector
    On a planet that is at one with its inhabitants, an alien invasion threatens the equilibrium – and it is down to you, the last Protector, to fend off the intruders, and save the world. The aliens’ goal is to transform the locals into mutants – and they’ll throw everything they have at you to achieve that goal…

Each collection is priced at £19.99 including VAT, and is supplied on a USB flash drive, subject to stock.

As a special offer during May and June, you can bag both collections for just £29.98 including VAT – making the second one half price – and by doing that you’ll also be helping a good cause; whenever both packages are purchased together, Elesar will donate £10 to Medicins Sans Frontieres. MSF – which translates as Doctors Without Borders – provides medical assistance around the world to people affected by things like conflicts and epidemics, and where healthcare may be hard to come by.

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