KevNav benefits from investment in public transport

Kevin Wells has spent a little time working on his route finding application KevNav, the result of which is the release of version 1.02. This update adds support for public transport when it comes to finding out how to get to your chosen destination.

According to Kevin, bringing this feature to the software has taken longer than he hoped, but it got there in the end – which is probably quite fitting for a public transport option.

The application works by taking the information you input – starting location, destination, when you want to leave (or arrive) – and uses Wget submits the information to the TransportAPI website, with the results being returned once they have been worked out.

Kevin has also updated the way distances are reported when metric units are selected – previously it just reported these in metres, but it will now report them in kilometres when appropriate.

The route information can be exported as either plain text or HTML, and it is also possible to send individual legs of the journey to applications that can display KML files (such as Sine Nomine’s RiscOSM), as well as save out those KML files ready for transfer to another device.

If you use and like Kevin’s software, why not support the time and effort he puts in? you can do this either by contributing a small amount via Ko-Fi, or by buying some merchandise.

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