Snapper now supports IGEPv5/Titanium

App can snap itself – no selfie stick required. Chris Johnson has released a new version of versatile screen-grab application Snapper (mirror). Originally developed by David Pilling and now further developed by Chris, the application allows you to grab more (or, in fact, less) than just the whole screen. It can also capture an area inside a user-defined bounding box, or it can snap the window under the mouse pointer, with or without the window furniture – and with or without the mouse pointer.

Snapper jumps from version 1.17 to 1.20

One, two, miss a few, ninety-nine, one hundred. Snapper is a screen-capture program, originally written by David Pilling and supplied with his scanning and image processing software, and now maintained and further developed by Chris Johnson.The software provides an easy way to save areas of the screen as sprites, something that can also be done with Paint, supplied as standard with RISC OS, but with additional options that make Snapper much more versatile.

Snapper 1.17 released… twice

Genetic mutation aborted and replaced with a newer, better, but otherwise identical version Chris Johnson has released a new version, 1.17, of Snapper, a screen capture program, originally written by David Pilling and supplied with his scanning and image processing software, and now maintained and further developed by Chris. The application allows the user to save areas of the screen as sprites – much as can be done using Paint, supplied with all RISC OS machines, but with added bells and whistles.

Making movies with MakeMJPEG

A new application that may be of use to developers when creating ‘how-to’ videos has been released by Thomas Milius. Called MakeMJPEG, the program can be used to create MJPEG movies – a video format that simply consists of a stream of JPEG images that are displayed one after the other. The format isn’t as versatile as other video file types and containers, but it could form part of a handy screen recording process – and the files can be converted to other formats using other tools, such as FFMPEG.

Two ways you can visit an Acorn World event in September

The first is to use a time machine1 The second method is much easier. All you need to do is be in Cambridge – more specifically the Centre for Computing History – on Saturday, 21st and/or Sunday, 22nd September, because that’s when the museum will be holding its own Acorn World event – as it has done for the last couple of years.

RISC OS Awards: Another look at the alternative options for 2017

If you haven’t yet voted, why not do so now? The RISC OS Awards poll for 2017 has been open now since mid-March and will be coming to a close in a couple of weeks time. As such, now is an ideal time to take another look at some of the alternative nominations people have made if they felt something other than the options on offer deserve to win in any given category. If you have yet to vote, please do so as soon as possible in order to your…

Snippets – 13th January, 2018

A round-up of 2017 news that could have been reported on at the time if people had only sent it this way! With 2017 now behind us, looking back over the RISCOSitory posts for the year might leave people thinking there has been very little activity in the RISC OS world – but in fact it merely means there have been very few posts on the site over the course of the year. This, sadly, is a reflection of the amount of news submitted to RISCOSitory by developers etc, more…

RISC OS Awards 2016: Alternative options revisited

If you have yet to vote, here are even more options for you – so why not get voting NOW? The RISC OS Awards 2016 voting form was put online on 18th December, and while the number of votes looked promising compared to last year the first time the alternative options were published, this is no longer the case. When the second round of alternative options were posted last year, approximately seven weeks after the polls were opened, the voting form had been completed approximately 140 times. Today – also…

IGEPv5 and Titanium graphics compatibility for ConvImgs

Now copes with setirps as well as sprites. Given that Chris Johnson has already added compatibility to Snapper for the new graphics format found on IGEPv5 and Titanium systems – not to mention the assistance he gave to David Pilling for Ovation Pro‘s support for the new formats – it’s probably not a huge surprise to hear that he has also updated ConvImgs (mirror), which is now at version 1.10.