Snapper 1.14 released

Snapper is a screen capture program, originally written by David Pilling and supplied with his scanning and image processing software, and now maintained and further developed by Chris Johnson. The application allows the user to save areas of the screen as sprites – much as can be done using Paint, supplied with all RISC OS machines, but with added bells and whistles.

Snapper's main window, showing the full range of options
Snapper's main window, showing the full range of options

As well as the whole screen or a user-selectable area (with the size of the area shown and, optionally, the co-ordinates displayed in another window), a specific window or its contents are also offered as options by Snapper, and the screen grab can be taken immediately or in response to the user pressing a configurable key-combo.

There are options to remove the pointer (and, if it’s over a menu, removing the pointer also removes the highlight from whichever menu item the pointer was over), set a default save location, and automatically bring the target window to the front of the stack, and restore its original position after the snapshot has been taken.

Chris has now released version 1.14 of the software, which includes a number of ‘under the bonnet’ changes and minor bug fixes. The most obvious changes the user is likely to notice are:

  • Code has been added to provide full, interactive help.
  • The mouse is now correctly constrained when an attempt is made to push the snap area tool off-screen.

The software can be downloaded from two locations that are independant of one another – from or


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