StrongED 4.69 ‘Vorhees’ edition released

Okay, not really: ‘f13’ means thirteenth full release, and is not a reference to Friday the 13th! Fred Graute has released an update to StrongED. The application was originally developed by Guttorm Vik, who described it, modestly, as a general purpose text editor, allowing you to edit any type of file whose contents were textual in nature, or which could be easily converted to text, such as BASIC programs.

StrongED 4.69f9 released… again

If you were using 4.69f9, you should probably upgrade… to 4.69f9. Fred Graute has released another new version of StrongED, a general purpose and very powerful, yet easy to use text editor. The software, which is an ideal replacement for the vastly less-featured Edit that has been supplied with all RISC OS computers since the days of Acorn, can load any type of file, and be configured to recognise certain types and behave in particular ways as a result.

A few videos from MUG for your viewing pleasure

And one from Kevin Wells for budding programmers The Midlands User Group (MUG) held their re-branded summer event on 1st July. What used to be the Midlands Midsummer MUG Show eventually came to a close due to low attendance numbers, but in 2022 it was resurrected as an online event, and this year held again under its new ‘MUG Mega Meeting’ banner – billing it, in effect, as an extended MUG meeting, with a spread of five different speakers over its five hour running time.