StrongED 4.69f9 released… again

If you were using 4.69f9, you should probably upgrade… to 4.69f9. Fred Graute has released another new version of StrongED, a general purpose and very powerful, yet easy to use text editor. The software, which is an ideal replacement for the vastly less-featured Edit that has been supplied with all RISC OS computers since the days of Acorn, can load any type of file, and be configured to recognise certain types and behave in particular ways as a result.

MiniTime clocks out as a module, becomes a regular application

Version 1.10 of MiniTime has been released by Fred Graute. The software provides a means to display the date and/or time in a small icon or window, with configuration options for its position on screen, the colours it uses, whether it appears above other windows, and more besides. Its goal is to provide quick and convenient access to a clock and calendar, without getting in the way.

Snippets – 31st December, 2019

With 2019 drawing to a close at the end of today, to be immediately followed by a year with the official designation of 2020, it’s time to round up a selection of news that hasn’t been covered on RISCOSitory over the course of the year.

Transient becomes more robust with version 2.09

Fred Graute has released version 2.09 of Transient, a utility designed to present an easy to access, temporary storage location on your hard drive – but one that is, er, less transient than the RAM drive, as the files stored there don’t disappear when the computer is shut down. The program creates a new subdirectory each day, and anything saved within is kept until you choose to delete them – or, if you choose the Logan’s Run option, until they reach a certain age.