StrongED 4.69 gets its eleventh full release

Promises to stay out of trouble and on the straight and narrow If you point your web browsers at the StrongED website, you’ll be able to download StrongED 4.69f11 – the eleventh full release of StrongED 4.69. According to Fred Graute, who now develops StrongED, the download contains a copy of the application with all […]

StrongED 4.69f9 released… again

If you were using 4.69f9, you should probably upgrade… to 4.69f9. Fred Graute has released another new version of StrongED, a general purpose and very powerful, yet easy to use text editor. The software, which is an ideal replacement for the vastly less-featured Edit that has been supplied with all RISC OS computers since the […]

StrongED 4.69 released

Announcement from Fred Graute, 1st September, 2013 Hi, I’m pleased to announce that StrongED 4.69 is now available. Please note that this is a minimal release that contains only BaseMode. Other modes that you may wish to use have to be downloaded separately from the website (Download page -> Modes database).

Transient becomes more robust with version 2.09

Fred Graute has released version 2.09 of Transient, a utility designed to present an easy to access, temporary storage location on your hard drive – but one that is, er, less transient than the RAM drive, as the files stored there don’t disappear when the computer is shut down. The program creates a new subdirectory […]

ToggleBD version 1.09 released

Fred Graute has released a new version of ToggleBD, a utility to raise the desktop backdrop to the front so that objects pinned to it are more easily accessible than by minimising windows and/or moving them around in order to find that pinned item. Using its iconbar icon, or a configurable hot-key combination, the backdrop […]

A duality of release for R-Comp’s Titanium-based products

Owners of R-Comp‘s TiMachine computers and subscribers to their Titanium Support Scheme can now benefit from two updates from the company. The first of these is an update to the Dual Monitor software, and the second is the release of the latest Super Pack – an update to the software provided with the computer or […]

MiniTime makes you see red

Well, actually, it’s optional – and other colours are available. The latest version of MiniTime has just been released by Fred Graute. The application, designed from the outset to be small and unobtrusive, displays the date and time in a small icon or window, which can be in a fixed position on screen and configured […]

Adjust the action of a right click on the Switcher icon

And then say “Ta, Fred!” for Tamarc! Astute observers of how our beloved RISC OS user interface works will have noticed that clicking with Select on the Switcher icon – aka the Task Manager, at the far right of the icon bar – does one thing, while an Adjust click on it does… the very […]