StrongED 4.69 ‘Vorhees’ edition released

Okay, not really: ‘f13’ means thirteenth full release, and is not a reference to Friday the 13th!

Fred Graute has released an update to StrongED. The application was originally developed by Guttorm Vik, who described it, modestly, as a general purpose text editor, allowing you to edit any type of file whose contents were textual in nature, or which could be easily converted to text, such as BASIC programs.

Guttorm released his last version in the late 1990s, after which Fred took over its development and maintenance and has continued to look after it since, ensuring it runs on the latest versions of RISC OS, as well as adding new features and facilities, and improving on the existing ones.

The changes in version 4.69f13 – the thirteenth full release of version 4.69 – over the f12 (the twelth) include a number of fixes and other changes, with a full list (going all the way back to 4.69f1) included in the zip file, but a here are a couple of examples:

  • An issue when saving BASIC files with overly long lines has been addressed – previously, the program failed to catch an error raised by the tokenising code, and the file would be truncated; now the error is picked up and handled.
  • A small but welcome change with the user interface is that a click with Adjust on the Save icon when there is no existing save path now presents the standard Save dialogue, rather than an error – and similar when clicking on Save from the main menu with Select or Adjust.

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