StrongED 4.69f9 released… again

If you were using 4.69f9, you should probably upgrade… to 4.69f9.

StrongEDFred Graute has released another new version of StrongED, a general purpose and very powerful, yet easy to use text editor.

The software, which is an ideal replacement for the vastly less-featured Edit that has been supplied with all RISC OS computers since the days of Acorn, can load any type of file, and be configured to recognise certain types and behave in particular ways as a result.

The latest release is an update to version 4.69f9, which addresses a number of bugs:

  • If a List-of-Found was configured to highlight matches, then an ‘abort’ would occur. Typically, this would affect such lists that contained spelling mistakes, as default behaviour is to highlight them.
  • Highlighted matches could fail to redraw correctly under certain conditions, such as when another window is dragged over the text.
  • The option to add spaces when de-tokenising BASIC programs wasn’t being obeyed, and this meant that if compacted programs were loaded, edited and re-saved, the re-tokenisation process wasn’t always recognising sequences that needed tokenising – with the result being a non-working program.

In addition to these bugs, the manual has also seen some updates.

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