R-Comp has a small something in store for Wakefield

But size isn’t everything, you know. Honestly.

In a pre-show tease, R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley has posted to the RISC OS Open Forum to say the company will have something new at this weekend’s show – in a thread entitled “Good things come in small packages.” He goes on to explain that you shouldn’t be deceived by it’s small size, because this mysterious item – which he also describes as small, powerful, and shiny – packs quite a punch.

This mysterious item, we are told, is fully ARM’d – and we should think a Lord of the Rings dwarf.

My guess – given that the company already sells an Android tablet – is that an Android phone has been added to the catalogue. How that relates to the Lord of the Rings, I couldn’t say, unless the name bestowed upon this new item is based on a character from Tolkien’s famous work.

However, when I’ve made wild guesses in the past, I’ve tended to be wrong, so that’s probably not what it is. Unless my guess about being wrong turns out to be the guess that is wrong, instead of the guess about the product itself.



Just get to the show on Saturday, and you’ll be among the first people to find out what this mysterious item actually is.

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