StrongED strengthened in latest release of 4.69

StrongEDPopular text editor StrongED has just seen its ninth full release of version 4.69 – aka version 4.69f9 – a release that fixes a number of bugs found in the previous release. Full details of the fixes can be found in the ‘Changes’ file within the download zip.

The software is designed as a general purpose text editor that can be used with files of any type – be they textual (such as simple text files, program source code, and mark-up languages) or binary in nature – and is both fully featured, and easy to use.

One of the benefits of StrongED is the ability to define ‘mode files’ which are, in essence, operating modes for the software based around different types of file, bringing different facilities to the fore as necessary for the type of file – so, for example, the ‘HTML’ mode recognises different types of HTML tag, and uses appropriate ‘syntax colouring’ to make those tags stand out from the rest of the file’s contents.

As well as being able to define these mode files yourself, a good number are already well established and generally available to download from the StrongED website. However, release 9 – which, according to current maintainer Fred Graute, is intended to be the final release of 4.69 – comes with all the existing modes already installed, in order to ensure that the files are compatible with this version.

This is because, where appropriate, the files available to download from the website will be updated to take advantage of new features offered by StrongED version 4.70a10, once that version is released – and those updated modes will no longer work with version 4.69f9.

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