StrongED 4.69 gets its eleventh full release

Promises to stay out of trouble and on the straight and narrow

If you point your web browsers at the StrongED website, you’ll be able to download StrongED 4.69f11 – the eleventh full release of StrongED 4.69. According to Fred Graute, who now develops StrongED, the download contains a copy of the application with all modes installed, to ensure they are compatible with this version.

The mode files that can be downloaded from the website, however, will only be updated if appropriate when StrongED 4.70 is finally released – this to allow them to take advantage of new features offered by that version.

A very versatile, general purpose text editor, StrongED can recognise and handle all manner of files, from plain text, to mark-up, to source code, to tokenised BASIC programs, and much more. And as well as files whose contents are textual in essence, it is versatile enough that it can be used to look at non-text files, to seek out meaningful information.

The changes between the last release and this one include a number of bug fixes. For example, there was a clipboard problem with vncserve, whereby StrongED would bluntly close a menu – even if that menu was owned by another application. Another example is that if a file had no filetype, the Refresh dialogue would show a different time for the on-disc copy compared to the unchanged copy loaded into the application.

More serious bugs that have been squashed include aborts occurring if StrongED didn’t have the input focus when a block move was undone via the Toolbar icon, or when Menu was clicked over a List-of-Found or Throwback window while the FileInfo dialogue box was open.

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