Meet the Micro One

The perfect computer for anyone who likes Airfix models. Or Ikea furniture. A name not many people in the RISC OS world will have heard of until very recently is Ident Computer, run by Shrewsbury-based Tom Williamson. Tom founded his company, the Ident Broadcasting & Communications Group, in 2006, and Ident Computer is a comparatively recent addition to the group, with the aim of preserving and exhibiting retro computers, and to aid and build new resources for education and entertainment.

News nybble: Time to update your phone book entries for CJE Micro’s

If you have CJE Micro’s old number (ending 666, which I’d make a joke out of if this was a full post), it’s time to replace it with the correct one – (0)1903 523 222 – which has been their main number for some time. The line carrying the old number will shortly be disconnected. In addition to which they are also discontinuing their fax number because it has been some years since anyone contacted them that way.

CJE Micro’s/4D phone and fax number changes

The phone number for CJE Micro’s and 4D has changed, and the old number will be discontinued soon. The new number is +44 (0)1903 523 222 – so if you don’t have that in your address books (or Organizer!), you need to update it pronto. The fax number will also be changing in the very near future. Currently +44 (0)1903 523 679, from 9th July, the number you’ll need in your address books (or Organizer!) is +44 (0)1903 213 901. The main email addresses remain unchanged, for sales, support and…

Christmas offers from CJE Micro’s on RapidO Ti and RaspberryRO

If you’re in the market for some new RISC OS computing goodness, the little shop with a lot of stock, CJE Micro’s (who are now a slightly bigger shop – or rather industrial unit) with a lot of stock) may be able to help. Chris Evans has announced a couple of price reductions on their RapidO Ti and RaspberryRO computers that will run from now until the end of January.

One week to go until the MUG Virtual Midsummer Show

Join in from your own home for free – sign in, sit back, enjoy… It is now just one week to the day until the Midlands User Group (MUG) holds their inaugural virtual show – a resurrection of sorts of their old physical shows, but held online. This means that the most obvious barrier to getting there – transportation – is eliminated, and you can enjoy the company of RISC OS developers and enthusiasts from wherever it is convenient for you to do so.

Pi 400 gets a Plus One

RISC OS users who were Acorn users long before the Archimedes and our favourite OS was ever a thing will remember that the BBC Micro had a younger, more limited sibling – the Acorn Electron. And they will also therefore have observed that the Raspberry Pi 400, a small computer built into a keyboard, could be seen as a nod to computers like the Electron – especially given that the Pi can run RISC OS, and therefore BBC BASIC (albeit a greatly improved version, and using much more memory), the…

CJE Micro’s will not be attending London 2021

But promises significant announcement next week With the pandemic still a key consideration for many people, it’s inevitable that there will be some people and companies who will choose not to attend the London Show, which will be taking place as a physical event on Saturday, 30th October. CJE Micro’s is one such example. Chris Evans feels that given the current situation with the virus, taking into account his own health and the welfare of the company’s customers, attending the show is not an option.